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Plot Monitoring Services

Plot Monitoring Services and handling Legal issues

Especially plots when are left vacant for a long time and people get to know that the owners are staying away are often encroached by land grabbers or sold by other intermediate agents by creating false documents. To avoid these issues for our clients we at VWIN PMS would offer the below services,

Plot Monitoring Service includes

  • Regular Monitoring of plot, the frequency of visits can be planned as per customers requirement.
  • Upkeep and maintenance of plots.
  • Picture taken on regular intervals sent to the property owners.
  • Update the property owners if there are any encroachments or potential encroachments.
  • Show property to the plots to your relatives who are unaware of the exact site coordinates.
  • Construction of stone foundation, compound walls or fencing for your site/plots.
  • Construction of a room and getting electrical meter connections to your site to ensure that the site is safe.
  • Geo tagging your site location so that the plot can be monitored on google earth.
  • Surveys and boundary identification and marking .
  • VWIN PMS through its group entity would also undertake construction of houses / complexes in vacant lands on EPC basis .
  • There can also be issues where there are encroachments and cases needs to be filed with the legal authorities in the local Jurisdiction. VWIN PMS through its affiliates would also represent the property owners to file a case in the local jurisdiction and represent the client for local hearings and fight the case in the local jurisdiction.